Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Conclusion: January 2012

Hi everyone! It's time for In Conclusion of January! January was an AWESOME month for me, I got more books done than usual!

What happened in January:

  • School started back up
  • Finals
  • Multiple dance competitions
  • ALL A's!! :))
  • Bought my first John Green book :) 
  • I started volunteering at the library!
So as you can see, January was friggin' awesome. I loved January!! Now onto the books.

In January, I read (click on image takes you over to my review!):

 Rating: A

Rating: C+

Rating: A

Rating: A-

Rating: C

Rating: A+

So that concludes my month of January! If you also finish off your months with an "In Conclusion" post or anything similar, leave some links! :)

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