Monday, January 16, 2012

Change of Plans: Monthly Themes

Hi everyone! This title of the post.. what is it about? I'm going to jump right in and tell you guys.
You know when there's THAT BOOK that everyone is talking about, that book you MUST read before you die? But for some odd reason, you just can't get around to it? Well, yes. I have decided to shift on over to Monthly Themes, so it will help me read books out of my comfort zone. This will change my REVIEW POLICY, and how I choose books to read. This was inspired by Priscilla from The Readables (Youtube, Tumblr). I will be doing most of the same things that she does on her channel.
If y'all watch Priscilla's videos, you can skip this paragraph. If you don't, I'm going to explain what I'm talking about right now. Basically, every month, I'm going to pick a theme for the month, and the books I decide to read will be in that specific genre/theme. I'm planning to read 3-5 books a month (my goal is to read 1 book every week, 1 book every 2 weeks on busy ones). This way, it's more organized. I will also force myself to read books that are out of my comfort zone. I will still review the book as soon as I finish it.
I think that this is a good plan for me, because I tend to always stick with one genre: Paranormal Romance. I need to expand, people! If anyone has any theme suggestions, just comment below or tweet me or email me or message me--whatever you want to do. I'm open to any suggestions! Ha, keep in mind, only fiction though. x) Check out my updated Review Policy please! Doing monthly themes will also mean that I will stop doing Waiting On Wednesdays (it just doesn't make sense to wish for something when you're on a schedule), and In My Mailboxes. I will most likely do a Book Haul at the beginning of each month now. There will also be an "In Conclusion" post as well, summarizing my month.
This change (Monthly theme, In My Mailbox, and Wow) will happen in February--just because it's the middle of January right now, and that wouldn't work out. But I'm extremely excited! Alright, well, that's it for now! Bye everyone!

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