Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goals for Summer 2012

Hi everyone! Summer has officially begun for me (as of 2 days ago!) and I have kicked off my summer reading, obviously. My goal this summer is to yes, read all of those required books (Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, etc. See full post here.) But I do have other goals, such as:

Read at least 40 books this summer.

This goal is pretty self-explanatory. Last summer, I read 33 books, and I wasn't busy at all. This summer I will be MUCH more busy, but then again, I'm also more goal-oriented, and I'll be reviewing the books. Last summer, I hadn't even started actually blogging until late-late August, therefore, wasn't really motivated to read more books. So hopefully I'll reach my goal of 40 books! (cross your fingers)

Go on a library book ban.

I have a theory to make. It is SO much harder to successfully achieve the library book ban than the book buying ban. Why? Because library books are FREE. I don't even feel guilty or anything, because I'm not spending money. The reason that I need to go on a library book ban is because I have books that I own that I really need to read, as well as Netgalley titles. I'm pretty much just ignoring them now, which is SO not good. I haven't made the library book ban official until today, but I've already kind of tried (and failed...).

If you're an obsessive library book person too, feel free to join me on this library book ban. I'm going to *try* to go until August 28th. Totally a random date. Let's see if I'll last that long. MY only exception is the list of books that were on my Summer To-Read List. Those I can check out. =)

I also need to read the books that I own.

That being said, I don't own very many books, so I want to try to get through at least half of them. Physical books-wise, I only own enough to fill up 1 shelf. Yep, I don't own many books. But Kindle-wise, I have like, 30 or so. That may be a bigger problem. Out of the books that I own, I've probably read less than 15% of them. And, it DOES make me feel like I've wasted money. So I feel bad. So I must read them. I MUST.

Readers, what are your goals? I'd love to read about them! Feel free to leave links in the comments. =)


  1. I'm also doing a post like this soon :) Excellent goals, especially required reading! Good luck.

    1. I can't wait to see your post! Thank you Reut!