Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekly Book Haul (27)

Here's what I hauled this week! (Links lead to Goodreads)

Audiobook Library:
*Ahhh too many vampires!! HttG's for you, Gianna. ;))

For Review:

*For an upcoming blog tour!

Bought (Kindle):
*There are just too many ebook deals right now. I narrowed it down to these two! Heard great things; only $2.99!

My Reading Pile (Aug. 4-Aug. 11) hosted by Rachel @Fiktshun
I'll be at dance camp for literally the whole week so I know I won't be getting much reading done. But here's my overly optimistic list!

I started The Kill Order last week, so I know I'll be finishing this one soon. I'm more than halfway through Midnight Alley as well. I know I'll get started on Glitch, and I really hope to finish it. Beautiful Disaster, oh man, I've heard really mixed things. I think I'll like it though!

What books did you haul this week? What's in your reading pile? Let me know! :D


  1. I love the cover of Glitch and it looks so good! I really enjoyed Storm and I can't wait for the next book to come out! Beautiful Disaster was all over blogs last week! Have fun at dance camp & enjoy your books!
    Here's my Book Haul

  2. ;) BBY, I knew you love me! Snagging HttG makes me go like "KYAAAA!" I cannot WAIT for you to read it! <3 It was so effing goooood. Of course, you already know that! ;)

    OH YAAAY! You got Storm! :D I really liked that one. It reads like a contemporary with a touch of paranormal influence --- definitely unique. :) And Beautiful Disaster is a MAYBE on your reading list? I demand this be a "MAYBE I'll read this in the next second or in the next minute" kind of maybe. ;D <3

    Great haul, Jen! I hope you enjoooyyyyyy~~ :)

  3. The cover of Glitch = AMAZING. I hope the book is as good. I really wanna pick it up. And OMG: Beautiful Disaster. I've heard so much.. I'm still on the fence with reading it, too..


  4. Yikes, Beautiful Disaster...

    Hope you have fun at dance camp! I really enjoyed The Mockingbirds.


  5. I got Beautiful Disaster too. Been hearing a lot of... mixed feelings about this. We should do a read-a-long to get through it together!

  6. Some awesome books Jen! I really need to pick both series' up by Frost and Caine! I also can't wait to read The Mockingbirds and I loved Storm I think you will love it too, there's four hot brothers what's not to love? ;) Hope you enjoy all your books and thanks for stopping by on the blog! Btw I love your blog header it's so pretty I can't stop staring at it! :)

  7. I got storm for the 2.99 deal too! I'm very excited to read that.

  8. Oooh I loved Beautiful Disaster but it's sort of a love it or hate it book so I'm interested to see where your opinion falls. Halfway to the Grave is awesome and fun. The Morganvill Vamp series is one of my all-time favorite and Storm, how can you go wrong with 4 hot guys?! Awesome haul! Thanks again for stopping by The Readers Den. I'm going to follow you GFC now. :)