Thursday, August 23, 2012

LAST POST ON THE DANCING READER: See you on the other side?


So, I know, way back in February, I made a similar post, talking about leaving this blog. That was because I was too busy and couldn't find the time to blog anymore.

That was a lie. Because clearly, I just had a stressful month and I could have just taken a hiatus.

But this time, I'm actually leaving this blog. WHY YOU ASK, it's still summer (at least for me)! 

Well, I'm leaving this blog because of the following reasons:
  • This coming school year is going to be INTENSE. Like, hardcore. 
  • I'm joining ANOTHER BLOG. 
You heard me correctly! I'm going to start co-blogging with the wonderful Beverely at A Reading Daydreamer! Beverley and I have actually been talking about it for the past month, emailing each other back and forth, and we think it'll work out, since she will be busy as well, and was looking for a co-blogger. We figured if we joined forces, we would be able to keep our blog readers happy. :) So please, if you are a loyal follower of mine and would love to see more of my reviews & posts, PLEASE head on over to A Reading Daydreamer and follow via GFC, Linky, Networked blogs, Facebook, or all!

I'm very, very, proud of the posts I have accomplished on The Dancing Reader, and I recently hit 100 GFC followers, and I can't thank you guys enough for staying with me. It would mean so much to me if you guys followed me over to A Reading Daydreamer!

I will not be deleting this blog. It's too much work to go to waste! I will of course leave it up for other readers to read, even if it will no longer be updated. Thank you, guys! I love y'all. <3

A Reading Daydreamer


  1. Whoa!! I was freaking out until I saw you say that you were gonna blog, but on a different one. Whew! I totally get how hard & busy school can make you.
    Have fun co-blogging!!!!

  2. I got a little scared there, but I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun co-blogging :)

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